In the summer of 2012 I took a trip to my mother’s home country, Liberia. My Mother’s Land is a book I wrote about my experience there. Below is the synopsis of the book, which can be purchased here.

Finally living her dream of teaching in Spain, Dena is on top of the world—until she receives a call that her mother is in the hospital. When her mom passes away, Dena is left with the helpless sorrow that comes when you’ve lost a piece of your heart. Time passes, but she feels stuck. She decides the only way she can truly move forward is to take a few steps back and return to her mother’s home town: Monrovia, Liberia.

          As Dena sets out to uncover her mother’s pre-war life, in a post-war nation, equipped with little more than optimism and an invitation from an aunt she barely knows, she expects to meet a few relatives and maybe see the house her mother grew up in. What she finds is a country bursting with natural beauty and idiosyncrasies, feisty yet hospitable family members, dreary rainstorms and mouthwatering cuisine. Despite an unexpected language barrier in an English-speaking country, Dena begins to feel at home, finding that life there involves a little bribery, a lot of laughs—and a great deal of self-discovery.

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