About Me


Hi! My name is Dena.

I was born, raised and currently reside in Southern California–Los Angeles to be precise. I am an African born in America (my father is from Sierra Leone and my mother is Liberian). As a wee tot, I traveled with my father a lot. His friends joked that I was his favorite hand luggage. I guess that’s when my curiosity about the world and love for travel began.

Many moons ago I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in communications and a master’s in business; any child of West African parents will tell you that obtaining at least two degrees is obligatory. I worked a 9-5 office gig for a few years but quickly realized that the corporate world just wasn’t for me, so I took some time off and embarked on my first solo travel journey.

I started blogging as a means to keep in touch with friends and family back home and avoid mainstream social media. Since then, I’ve been to a few cool places and written a few cool things. Well, really just one cool thing: a book.

Aside from writing and traveling, I love all things food related, holistic healing, tiny houses and bunny rabbits.

If you are interested in getting to know me a little better, click here to read my blog!

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