Phuket, Thailand

We arrived in Phuket via an early morning flight from Koh Samui. Debra and Sarah stayed at the sexy and luxurious Metadee Resort in Kata Beach. And though I opted to stay at a more modest yet adorable boutique hotel called Easy Resort a few steps away, I was still privy to the amenities of the girls’ resort (mainly their gigantic pool and complimentary breakfast!)

We settled in at the pool early and drank overpriced piña coladas for most of the morning. Later we took a shuttle to the Big Buddha where we marveled at the 147-foot statue and hung out with mischievous monkeys. We ended our night off with dinner at the Spice House, followed by a seven-dollar massage at a local parlor.

The next morning Sarah and I took a private cooking class where we learned how to make green coconut curry, cashew chicken stir-fry and tom yum soup (yummy!). We eventually met up with Debra and made our way to Bangla Road in Patong Beach, where we were lured into one of the infamous ping pong shows. I won’t get into too much detail, but let’s just say the show opened with ping pong balls and lady parts and went downhill from there. We tried to erase what we’d just seen, by drowning ourselves in Thai food at a local restaurant. Unfortunately, the restaurant we chose was crap and I had a pad-si-ew so gummy it left me more traumatized than watching ladies shoot ping-pongs out of their nee-nongs.

Our third day in Phuket was Scuba day. Well technically I didn’t scuba because I just don’t believe I belong that deep underwater, but the girls scuba’d and I snorkeled. However, my goggles were so magnified that even though the girls and I were separated by a few yards of water, I felt like I was down on the ocean floor with them. I got to feed breadcrumbs to beautiful schools of fish and I saw a huge sea turtle and a gorgeous puffer fish. We took a boat ride to Phi Phi Island, where our instructor treated us to a beachfront picnic and a boat full of Chinese tourists stared at me as if I were the main attraction. One of them even came up to me and touched my skin, I guess to see if I was real. This is not unusual as a black traveler and I take no offense to it, because I know they mean no harm.

Later that evening our instructor invited us out for a much more authentic Thai meal followed by drinks at an Irish pub where he and his band performed rock cover songs from the 80s. Much like every other night we spent in Thailand, we were in bed earlier than most Thai grannies because we had an early flight to catch the next morning.


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