Liberia Sure is Green

From the moment I landed in Liberia I couldn’t help but notice that it is incredibly green out here. The only other place I’veseen, in real life, that rivals the lush vegetation of Liberia is the Amazon. Monrovia’s city center is similar to most other metropolitan cities: lots of concrete, full of office buildings, shops and restaurants, but if you drive just 20 minutes in any direction away from the city center you’ll encounter an abundance of rich lands full of coconut trees, bamboo, banana trees and of course rubber trees (Liberia’s number one export). So why is Liberia so green, you ask? For one it rains A LOT! Monrovia alone, not including the rest of the country, receives about 182 inches of rainfall annually, most of which comes between May-October. When it’s not raining, the sun is shining, REALLY bright. So there you have it: Rain + Sun = Green. Photosynthesis at its finest! It’s so green, plants even grow out of abandoned cars! (As demonstrated below.)


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