After a relaxing week with my family in Maryland, I decided to shake things up and go to New York. I highly recommend the Bolt Bus if you’re traveling between DC & NY; it’s only $20, takes less than 5 hours, offers free Wi-Fi, has a restroom on board and it drops you off right in the heart of Manhattan! Everyone I know who’s visited NY returns home raving about how wonderful New York is and how they’re packing up and moving there tomorrow. Prior to this trip, I’d only been to New York once (not counting my many layovers at JFK airport) and the most I could say about that trip was: It was aight. This time around my goal was to see the New York that everyone loves so much…Mission accomplished! Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a Cali girl, but I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent in NY. This post would be entirely too long if I went into detail but I will list a brief itinerary:

  • Did touristy stuff like stroll through Central Park & visit the Met Museum
  • Stayed at a cute boutique hotel called Pod 39 in Murray Hill (aka Curry Hill, nicknamed that because of the high concentration of Indian restaurants in the area!)
  • Attended 2 backyard BBQs: the 1st was small & intimate, the 2nd had 200+ people, an aerialist, flame throwers & a jumbo jumper (and it wasn’t a child’s party!)
  •  Spent the night at the YMCA
  •  Had an in-depth conversation with a straight man about Chris Paul’s beautiful eyes
  • Hung out with hipsters in the village
  • Stumbled upon a free New York Philharmonic show in the park
  • Ate Trinidadian doubles at Trini-Gul restaurant, Indian rolls at The Desi Shack, a mouthwatering organic brunch at Marlow & Sons (my childhood idol Martha Stewart has been known to dine there!) & pork sandwiches at Vanessa’s Dumplings (who knew the Chinese ate sandwiches!)
  •  Learned that New Yorkers are actually really friendly
  • Got stuck at JFK airport overnight (for the 3rd time)

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    Anonymous 8 years ago

    Chris Paul does have beautiful eyes lol!

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