DMV: as in DC, Maryland, Virginia!

As soon as I boarded my plane in Dakar to head back to the States, I passed out and didn’t return to consciousness until we landed in New York. I missed the last flight out to Maryland and was forced to sleep at JFK airport for the second time.  Upon my arrival in Maryland, I noticed it was way hotter in the States than it had been in Africa, global warming’s a bitch!

I spent my week in Maryland hanging out with my Auntie and cousins in Germantown. On Friday evening we enjoyed a fresh organic meal at Founding Farmers in Potamac (their cornbread is a must!) On Saturday we ventured to DC to see the French Ballet then hit M Street for shopping and dinner. When we weren’t out and about we were lounging around the house catching up on reality TV, which I’ve decided is more addictive than crack cocaine. I am now caught up with the Kardashians, Love & Hip Hop, Empire Girls and Chicagolicious, not to mention the other shows I’m too embarrassed to list. Overall, my trip to Maryland was the perfect blend of family and relaxation, just what I needed after an intense week of traveling in West Africa.


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