Road Trip: Senegal to Gambia!

Being that The Gambia is so geographically close to Senegal we felt it was only right that we take a road trip and visit the smallest country in Africa, so we joined forces with three other travelers and took a 10-hour taxi ride to The Gambia.  Although The Gambia is its own country, it is physically located inside of Senegal. I recommend you have a look at a map to see what I mean. This road trip was packed with incredible sights: We drove through fields with acre upon acre of enormous baobab trees. We passed villages where the people lived in tiny huts yet there were large beautifully constructed mosques for worship (both Senegal & Gambia are about 90% Muslim). While waiting for our cab driver to fix the car yet again (it broke down twice), we were swarmed by kids selling local fruits and nuts. They were intrigued by our cab full of foreigners: two Indians, two Caucasians and of course me, who they assumed was Senegalese. They spoke to me in Wolof, a Senegalese dialect, and giggled when I responded in English.By the time we crossed The Gambian boarder, a slightly intimidating process which entailed walking past a small jail cell, equipped with prisoners, we’d missed the last ferry to Banjul (the capitol of Gambia) so we spent the night at a little hotel called The Black Cow in Barra. The rooms were dingy and the bathrooms dingier, but the courtyard more than made up for the questionable sanitation issues. In the morning I woke up and stepped into a scene straight out of Mary Poppins. There were coconut trees filled with birds’ nests. Beautifully colored birds chirped harmoniously as butterflies fluttered to their tune. A wonderful welcoming to The Gambia!


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