Road Trip: Austin, Texas to L.A.

After purifying my mind, body & soul at Vipassana I caught a ride down to Austin with a fellow meditator to meet up with the boo. What followed was an epic road trip back home to LA.

After checking into Hotel San Jose, a chic eco-friendly boutique hotel, we caught a live jazz show at the Elephant Room. The next day we hit up Torchy’s Tacos, where we enjoyed Tex-Mex tacos and quite possibly the only queso dip you’ll ever catch me eating (I usually hate liquid cheese, but Torchy’s was exceptional). Upon leaving Austin we discovered that there are long stretches in rural Texas where there’s only 1 radio station and there’s more road-kill than there are cars. After almost running out of gas we found an abandoned gas station where we filled up and got harassed by creepy wild kittens. About 20 miles later we ducked into another gas station to use the restroom, watched Miss Angola get crowned Miss Universe (on the TV at the gas station) and came to the conclusion that male beauty pageants would be far more entertaining. Seven hundred miles later, we decided to stop in the middle of nowhere (Deming, New Mexico) to crash. After a good night’s sleep and a mediocre meal we got back on the road and headed to Tucson, Arizona where we stopped to grab a gourmet pizza from Maynard’s Market & Kitchen and 2 hours later we were in Phoenix having beers with our couch surfing host at The Roosevelt Tavern (an old home converted into a bar). Before leaving Phoenix the next morning, we grabbed a bite at a Jamaican restaurant called The Breadfruit.  Their carrot juice was superb; it consisted of organic carrot juice, coconut milk, vanilla and nutmeg. We were sure to stop at a natural hot springs day spa in Palm Springs before sliding into home base back in L.A.!


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