Baja Baby!

Not too long ago one of my oldest childhood friends invited me on a last-minute weekend getaway to his family’s vacation home. A few short hours later I found myself in Baja, Mexico staying in an impeccably decorated beachfront home in Puerto Salinas. With a fridge fully stocked with beer and tequila there were big dreams of doing some beachfront boozing, I was even promised my first game of beer pong. I’m fully aware that this game is typically reserved for frat boys, I just happen to be female and 10 years too late. After thoroughly gorging ourselves at a local restaurant with lobster, cheese stuffed bacon-wrapped shrimp and the most delightful ceviche I’ve ever tasted, we returned to the beach house and immediately fell into food comas. So much for a raging night. The next morning consisted of poolside lounging, Manu Chao and tequila shots. We eventually made our way back to the States. The best part about the ride home was the many walking “vendors” selling $#!t while we waited in our car to cross the border. I purchased the yummiest churros in the world, my friend bought me a Hello Kitty piggy bank, I acquired an over-sized sombrero by bartering with beer… and I was tempted to buy a puppy but my travel companions wouldn’t allow it. Overall, a good trip!


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