This year to celebrate my birthday, my boyfriend and I took a trip to Mexico, making stops in Mexico City, Cholula, Puebla and Oaxaca. Below is a list of the trip highlights:

  • Couch-surfed with a young Austrian/Czech couple who spent time working for the UN in Freetown, Sierra Leone and therefore spoke Krio, the West African dialect that my family speaks!
  • I got hit by a bus in Oaxaca. Ok, it was more like I was ever so slightly grazed, but it was still alarming
  • Ate the most incredible tacos al pastor from Tacontento in Mexico City
  • A bartender suggested that we visit a city in Sierra Norte called Cuajimiloyas (I still can’t pronounce it) and within 12 hours we were on a bus headed there.
  • My birthday night included but was not limited to: *mariachi bands* me getting electrocuted (willingly)* drinking Carona 40 ounces topped with gummy bears and chicarones (fried pig skin)* being extorted by cops* having our restaurateur friend open his restaurant at 4am just to feed us* drinking enough Mexican beer & tequila to float a small island