Seville, Spain: A Good Time Had by All

Had loads of fun in Seville. Good times are always guaranteed when rolling with the Adelaide boys. They nicknamed me D Mama because I always had whatever they needed in my Mary Poppins bag (everything from an umbrella to a sewing kit). We went to a futbol (soccer) game our first night then did a tapas tour & saw an authentic flamenco show on the second night. The boys left for Madrid on the 3rd day & on day four which was my last day in Seville, I visited the Catedral de Santa Maria de la Sede, the largest gothic cathedral & the 3rd largest church in the world, which was just as fantastic as you would imagine – however, at this point I’ve seen so many cathedrals I’m starting to take them for granted.

Thank you to Taylor, Nelson, Tom & Matt for making my trip to Seville a great one!

Next stop: Cadiz.


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    Tom 11 years ago

    That is a quality vid of the good times we had Dmama!

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