Haiti Earthquake

Hi All, I hate to be redundant as I’m sure everyone has been reading/watching nonstop news about the Haiti crisis, but it’s something worth repeating. I was on msn.com on Wednesday night and I literally started crying when I saw the photos. Since then I’ve seen so many graphic images. There was a picture of a man holding his dead daughter on the front page of the Spanish newspaper as well as pictures of dead bodies lying in the streets. I also had the chance to watch CNN for the first time in quite a while last night and the video clips were horrific. I can’t get the image of this particular little girl out of my head (see photo above). For the past 3 nights I’ve prayed that she has family and is not one of the many left orphaned by this catastrophic event.To Dominique and your entire family, you are in my prayers. To Joanna and your family, you are also in my prayers…Below are some links where you can donate money to help. Every penny counts.





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