Los Tres Reyes

Yesterday was the last day of school for the boys and they both had Christmas plays. Max dressed up as an angel and sang with his classmates. As for Leo’s play, guess who made a cameo appearance!? That’s right, yours truly!! They had a presentation of “Los Reyes” (The Three Kings) and I was one of the kings. I got a little nostalgic, remembering when I starred in the Sound of Music in 7th grade. By “starred in” I mean I had one solo line: “She’s always late for chapel.”“Los Reyes” are supposed to be real, much like Santa Claus. One of the kings is black — that’s how I scored the part, no auditions necessary! They usually paint a non-black person with brown paint. What can I say, one country’s blackface is another country’s Christmas tradition. They originally asked Marta (Spanish mom) to play the coveted roll of the black king. She declined but told them she knew just the person for the role. While I was onstage, the kids kept on touching my hands to see if my skin color would rub off, their little faces were so excited when they realized I was “real.” They were asking me all kinds of questions, most of which I couldn’t understand because they were speaking Catalan. I did hear one girl ask “Ets una nena?“ Which means are you a girl and of course I shook my head no. Normally Los Reyes take turns reading the kids’ Christmas wish list, but the teacher told them that I lost my voice and the other two kings did all the reading (since I don‘t know how to read Catalan and my voice sounds like una nena).

  1. Author
    Anonymous 11 years ago

    How cute Yinkus! Look at those beautiful eyes… I know the kids were so excited because you made your cameo appearance. Miss you… oh how cute.
    Auntie Roz

  2. Author
    Dena B 11 years ago

    It was absolutely adorable! Although I didn't fool Leo (He didn't know it was me because only my eyes were exposed & I tried my best not to look directly at him, but he knew I wasn't one of the real Reyes. After the play Marta asked him how it went & he said (in Catalan)"Los Reyes were fake because I think the black one was my classmate's father" ahahaha

  3. Author
    Alwaysthis 11 years ago

    I'm trying my absolute hardest to not call you a douche. After literally 3 head shakes and out loud chuckles, I forgive you. Hilarious. I wish I coulda been there to utilize my starring performances in Gilbert & Sullivan plays with shake-age during my songs of course. Merry X-mas to all of you blog followers. Emailing you in a bit Dee.

  4. Author
    taimaz 11 years ago

    Oh diniquah! i'm a little behind in the times but you lookin fine! and i c all these fine ass brothas in SPAIN! got you smilin! but seriously Raquel n i miss you. but your havin a blast. actin a fool in plays n takin care of little kinds OKAY!Y!Y?!?

  5. Author
    Anonymous 11 years ago

    Hilary! I'm single now and finally checked out the blog. Where are the fine single men you promised me???????

    Love ya G mom

  6. Author
    Dena B 11 years ago

    Keez: Don't hate on my award winning performance!! It was alot of fun! I don't know if you can tell in the pix but one of the the other Reyes had a dreaded mullet (which h pulled back into a PT) that should've been a dead giveaway to the kids that we weren't real. Unless ofcourse Los Reyes change there style according to th current trends…Maybe I'll spot a dreaded mullet Santa soon. I'll email you tomorrow. Miss Ya!

    Taimaz: I'm sooo glad you checked out the blog! I'm having a bloast out here (actin a fool) I miss you guys too!

    Neca: Hey love, your gonna find yourself a fine ass brotha! I love you & miss you

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