Feliz Navidad!!!

This year I had a Catalan Christmas! Marta’s family came over for dinner on Christmas Eve. Above is a picture of Marta’s mom holding our Christmas ham! Afterwards the kids got their gifts from Cagatio (Tio for short). Tio is a Catalan tradition, he’s a magical log with a face painted on him. Since December 1st the kids have been leaving food out for him every night and the more he eats, the more gifts he gives. Of course every night after the kids went to bed Marc, Marta or myself would eat the food. One morning I actually got mad at Tio for eating the last orange! On Christmas Eve they cover him with a blanket, sing a song and hit him with a stick then he gives them presents.I didn’t do anything special on Christmas Day. In the morning my Span fam opened the gifts that I got them. Marta told the kids that Santa came and left gifts in my room. Leo told me that he thought he heard Santa come! Santa doesn’t normally come for them because out here they get their gifts from Cagatio (on the 24th) and more gifts from Los Reyes on January 6th. They invited me to come with them to Marc’s parents’ house for lunch, but I had made plans to go to my friend’s Christmas party. The party which ended up getting cancelled, so I just stayed home and relaxed. I missed my stateside friends and family sooo much. Thanks, cousin, for emailing me all of the Christmas photos from home. It made me feel like I was there!

  1. Author
    Anonymous 11 years ago

    Yinkus…what did you do Christmas, because we sure missed you. What are you doing New Years?

  2. Author
    Dena B 11 years ago

    Hey Auntie Roz,

    I was a little late with the post, but you can see how I spent my Christmas. I missed you guys too. It was really weird not waking up at your house & opening presents with Waju. Love You

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