Dublin: Cold Weather, Warm People

Meet Rachel, she made a cameo appearance in the Halloween post. She moved to Barcelona, from Philadelphia, around the same time that I did. We met in Spanish class a while ago and have been fast friends ever since. Thanks to Ryanair Airlines, it is so cheap and easy to travel to Ireland that Rachel and I decided to take a two and a half hour flight to Dublin this weekend and despite the constant rain, crazy wind & all around hideous weather, we managed to have a great time. We stayed at a cozy little bed and breakfast not too far from the city center. The owner of the B&B, just like everyone else we met in Dublin, was unbelievably friendly and quite chatty. Either we were blind or they don’t believe in street signs in Dublin, but the locals were more than willing to guide us in the right the direction whenever we got lost. We spent our first day hopping from pub to pub in what was called the Temple area from 5pm-2am. It’s easy to get the night started early when it’s already dark by 4pm.On Saturday we started our day off with a “Traditional Irish Breakfast” (well, I did — Rachel’s a vegetarian) then we took a tour of the Guinness Brewery (Dublin’s hometown pride). Saturday was by far the coldest day I had ever experienced in my life (until Sunday rolled around). We invented a new trend that day called grandma chic. It consisted of wearing every article of clothing we brought and wrapping scarves around our faces. Sat night we hit up the Temple bar area again and met quite a few characters including a groom-to-be dressed as a woman, a group of guys who invited us out for crack (we politely declined) and a guy who was walking around with a French fry stuck up his nose.

On Sunday, after our traditional Irish breakfast, we decided, against all better judgment, to tough it through the rain and take a trip to a small fishing village called Howth because we heard that they had the best fish & chips in Ireland. Between the insane weather and taking the wrong bus it was a full-day expedition. It was miserable and hilarious all at the same time. Although I must say that the fish & chips were quite impressive so it might have been worth it. We were pretty exhausted from the day and we had to be up at 6:45am so we spent our Sunday evening eating take out and watching “The Hills” and “The City” on MTV. Don’t judge us.So what did we learn this weekend?

Beer makes people gassy therefore most Irish pubs smell $#!t**The Guinness Book of World Records was created because of an argument in a pub over which was the fastest game bird**Guinness is equivalent to a protein shake because of its filling nature (this is not a scientific fact, just a mere observation)**Whatever you do, do not get bumped into at a crowded pub and accidentally spill your beer in the vicinity of full-figured, elderly women, they get really really angry**There is no plural form of Guinness (“May I have 2 Guinnesses” is incorrect)**Ugg boots are equivalent to sham-wow towels as they can absorb 10 times their weight (once again just an observation) **In Ireland, Crack (spelled Craic) actually means to have a good time** Never ask a man wearing a dress if he has on a thong. There’s a 95% chance that he does & 100% chance that he’ll show you**If given the option, do NOT order the Irish bread dumplings, as appealing as they sound, they taste like crap.

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    Anonymous 11 years ago

    Love the picture's, love the video clips. Either green is not his color or the dress just does not work. I love the tips from Ireland as well.
    Did the Spanish family enjoy the food at all, even though you cooked so much? It looks like you and Rachel had fun inspite of the cold. BTW- I love you and the decor in back of your picture.

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