San Sebatian: the Gnarliest City in Spain!

Since moving to Barcelona about 90% of the locals have told me that San Sebastian, a city up north, is the greatest city in Spain. I decided to check it out this weekend and to be completely honest, my expectations weren’t too high. Since it’s winter, I figured it would be a cold and muggy ghost town; the city’s known for its food so at the very least I planned to do what I do best. I booked a hostel right on the beach thinking it would be empty because who wants to go to the beach in the middle of November– besides me, of course.

Boy was I wrong! I pretty much fell in love with San Sebastian the second my plane landed. Being that San Sebastian is a surfers’ haven, the city is crawling with surfers from all over the world. Every surfer I’ve ever known has such a passion for the art and that feeds into everything else they do in life. I’m speaking in generalities here, but they always seem to have such a sunny disposition & it’s absolutely infectious. I’ve never met a depressed surfer (except for Dylan McKay).

I spent the entire weekend laughing nonstop and even though a lot of the surf lingo was over my head, I never once felt left out. It was really nice to hear them talk about the different countries they’d surfed in and it was a pleasure to see the camaraderie and instant bond they formed with one another all because they had this one thing in common. I’m completely sold; as soon as I get back home I’m scheduling a surf lesson. Everyone was appalled that I’m a Cali beach lover who’s never surfed before. I’m looking forward to hitting the waves but I’m not excited about the water dripping out of my nose sporadically throughout the day (something else I had the pleasure of seeing over the weekend). Something about being in San Sebastian reminded me of home. I’m not sure if it was the close proximity to the ocean or the positive laid-back beach attitude that I was surrounded by, but this weekend was by far one of the best I’ve had since being in Spain, it was just what the doctor ordered.

Oh, I almost forgot! I only ate out twice, the food was really good but I enjoyed eating the food we made back at the hostel a lot more. One of the guys whipped up the most phenomenal vegetarian quesadillas I’ve ever tasted, then he threw together a pasta dish the next night and served it with chilled 40 ounce beers that we drank straight from the bottle (classy!).

  1. Author
    Anonymous 11 years ago

    Okay,,, I have not had the chance to check out the video clips so I will write you once I see Surf's up. Cali- girl.

  2. Author
    Anonymous 11 years ago

    Was up D it's me Gilbert i wanted to wish you and your a happy thanksgiving i hope you have a good one

  3. Author
    Anonymous 11 years ago

    Happy Thanksgiving
    It's your Mom… Talk to you during the week. I love you. Mom

  4. Author
    Anonymous 11 years ago

    Hi Yinkus,
    Your mom spend Thanksgiving w/ us. You were soooo missed! Please give me a call when you can… keep us posted about the extended stay. Mixed feelings about that all the way around the dinner table. Happy and sad at the same time. Talk to you soon. Love you

  5. Author
    Dena B 11 years ago

    Hey Gilbert! How have you been!? I'm glad to hear from you, Thanks for the Happy Thanksgiving wishes.

    MOM!!!!! I'm sooo excited you finally got to see my blog. I hope you had a phenomenal Thanksgiving. I love you & miss you so much! Talk to you soon.

    Hi Auntie Roz! I know, I feel the same. I'm really excited about staying a little longer, exploring Spain & improving my Spanish, but I miss everyone terribly. I'm bummed that I missed Thanksgiving dinner with you guys. I'll give you a call tomorrow. I love you & I miss you

  6. Author
    Anonymous 11 years ago

    Was good D it's me Gilbert I've been good thank you for asking. I'm happy that you are having a great time out there just don't stay to long cuz we miss you peace big homie.

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