I’m back!!

My apologies! I’ve neglected the blog these past couple of weeks. I’ve had a multitude of problems, one of them being my internet connection (or lack thereof). Anyhow, I’m back at my internet cafe tip-typin’ away. Let me fill you in on what‘s been going on. Two weeks ago I had an incredibly relaxing trip to Seville planned (South of Spain). But things didn’t go exactly as planned. Let’s see…My bank cancelled my ATM card because someone got a hold of the numbers so I had no way to get my money, my dad had to Western Union me money. In the morning before my flight, I spent a ridiculous amount of time searching for an open Western Union. I was starting to run out of time so I finally decided to just head to the airport & worry about it once I got to Seville (I had 15€ on me, which was enough to get me there). I was running a little behind schedule but still had just enough time to catch my flight. I took the train into Barcelona then waited for the shuttle that goes directly to the airport. They usually leave every five minutes. After myself & others waited for a good 20 minutes we realized that the shuttles weren’t running that day because the bus drivers were on strike. I ended up splitting a cab with some strangers and made it to the airport 20 minutes before my flight left. Because I arrived too close to take-off time, they refused to print me a boarding pass and I missed my flight. To make matters worse, they wouldn’t let me get on the next flight (even though I bought the 3€ insurance) and it would have cost 150€ to buy a new ticket (one-way). I only paid 50€ for my round-trip tix. My cheapest option was a 10-hour 60€ train ride and I just couldn’t do it so I decided to just call it a loss and cancel my hostel. I was so disappointed I actually cried at the airport. Guess you can call it Murphy’s Law at its best.

On a brighter note since I didn’t go to Seville it gave me a chance to go to a party my Spanish school was throwing. I met a nice bunch of international travelers and ended up going to an Irish pub with a few of them the next night to watch the Ireland vs. France futbol game (soccer). We went out afterwards and I missed my last train home (yet again). I hung out at my Irish friend’s house & waited for the first train to leave in the morning. At about 4am I decided to “rest my eyes” for 10 minutes and didn’t wake up until almost noon the next day. Ooops! Overall it was a good weekend even though I didn’t make it to Seville.

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    Anonymous 11 years ago

    Osha Yinkus… (not sure about the spelling but you know the meaning) Sounds like you made lemonade out of lemons.
    I am so glad to hear your voice, because you when you write I get the full visual!
    Our social butterfly has spread her wings. Enjoy. Love & kisses Auntie Roz. PS: Your brother keeps asking when You are coming home. He says it has been longer than 3 months. Sounds like somebody misses his sister and I am sure his brothers feel the same way…. you are so loved!!!!

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