Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanks to everyone who sent me Happy T-Day wishes! Normally I find the “Happy Turkey Day” texts obnoxious, but this year I was beyond excited when the first text came. Obviously, they don’t celebrate Thanksgiving out here, but I guess you can say I brought a little Thanksgiving to Spain this year. I cooked a nice dinner for my Spanish Family. I accidentally cooked an absurd amount of food, I guess I forgot that I wasn’t in the States. I made mac & cheese, garlic mashed potatoes, broccoli & cauliflower, these fabulous apple cinnamon & pecan quesadillas that I invented, and I bought sliced turkey. The only problem was that Marc (Spanish dad) had one of his molars pulled earlier that day so he couldn’t eat and the kids usually eat really early (by Spanish standards) and I didn’t have dinner cooked in time, so the big family dinner didn’t really go down. After our non-Thanksgiving Day dinner I went to a potluck that my friend and her husband threw. Once again it was a nice international mix: a few of us were from the States, a few South Americans, a few Spanish, a Hungarian & a Kenyan. Although nothing can compare to the T-day dinners I usually have with my family back home, this year’s Thanksgiving was a great experience & one that I will never forget!

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