I’m so homesick today, I could probably spend the whole day crying. It’s raining cats and dogs, I’m lonely, I’m not learning Spanish at the speed I’d like to, I feel like I’m doing a terrible job teaching the kids English. It’s easy to take your friends and family for granted when they live close to you. To everyone reading this: I miss you and I love you. Ok, I’m done feeling sorry for myself.
  1. Author
    Anonymous 11 years ago

    Hi Yinkus,
    We miss you too! It is only natural to feel homesick. Learning Spanish is only part of your journey, the experience and relationships that you are developing will mean more. So enjoy your experiences, enjoy the children, they are learning more than you know…. love you…..
    Auntie Roz

  2. Author
    Dena B 11 years ago

    Thanks Auntie Roz, I was just having a really bad day, but I feel much better now. I know that there's so much more to my journey than just learning Spanish…I hope you're right (about the kids learning more than I think) because I'm going to feel really bad if I leave & they're not speaking atleast a little English. Love you.

  3. Author
    Anonymous 11 years ago

    Get your butt on the next thing smokin(lol) and come back home…We miss you too..Why am I not shocked to see all this food on this blog Dena? LOL Reggie and I are fine, You're not missing much here. So enjoy your time there.. Love Ya Auntie GG

  4. Author
    Dena B 11 years ago

    Hey Auntie GG, glad to see you on the blog!! Haha, I miss you guys too! I was pretty miserable when I typed that post but overall I'm having a great time out here. Oh, & what can I say, I love to eat!…Do you & Reggie have any special souvenir requests? I love you & miss you guys

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