My First Week in Barcelona

Hola Amigos! It has officially been a week and I absolutely love it out here. The neighborhood I live in is beautiful, the weather is incredible and the people are friendly despite the language barrier. Everyone here speaks Catalan, which sounds like a mishmash of Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese. And although everyone knows how to speak Spanish, Catalan seems to be the language of choice. The family I´m staying with is so nice. The mom (Marta) speaks perfect English. She´s an interior decorator & has a furniture shop less than a block away from the condo. The dad (Marc) speaks English as well, he has a cafe in the center of Barcelona. The boys, Leo (age 5) & Max (age 3) are absolutely adorable. Max loves me, but he only speaks Catalan so we can’t understand each other! Leo speaks Spanish but he’s taking a little longer to warm up to me.

They live in a really cute condo in Sant Cugat about 20 minutes outside of Barcelona city center. I’m actually not sure if it’s considered a condo, as it’s situated above an electronics shop (which feels so European!). There are several shops, restaurants & cafes on our block, all of which have homes above them. The train is less than a 10-minute walk from the condo and most importantly food and wine is really cheap out here.

I´m currently looking for a Spanish class to enroll in, partially because I want to learn Spanish but mostly because I’d like to meet friends. So far the only friend I’ve met is the boys’ babysitter, her name is also Marta and she´s about the same age as me. She’s really sweet and super stylish. She doesn’t speak any English so it’s hard to communicate sometimes, but she´s very patient with me. The boys and I went swimming at her house today & her family fed me well!

Hmmm, what else? Oh, for the most part everyone´s relatively skinny out here, I guess it’s because they eat salads with every meal & walk a lot. Also everyone drives motorcycles & scooters: young people, old people, men in business suits, and women in heels. Lastly, perhaps the most important observation that I’ve made since I’ve arrived is that in grocery stores you have the option of buying a loaf of bread with or without crust!

Next weekend Marta has a house to decorate in France and said I could come along with her. Vale (ok) that’s it for now!

  1. Author
    Roz 11 years ago

    Spain looks beautiful! It looks like you guys are having fun. Wow! You have the opportunity to go to France w/ Marta- what a blessing! I love this blog and hearing about all your experiences so keep it up. At least we can see Spain through your eyes. Love you!

  2. Author
    Dena B 11 years ago

    I'm really excited about France!I'm also planning on visiting Yener in Turkey. I'm glad you're enjoying the blog! Love you

  3. Author
    jakeyla 11 years ago

    Hey! I really love the blog D. Live it up. Love you.

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