"May I have a vodka-tonic to go please"

On Saturday I finally went out and socialized with the locals. There was a percussion drum off at a nearby park (imagine a Spanish version of the movie Drumline) followed by a reggae & hip-hop show at night. I went alone but was quickly befriended by some of the percussionists. After the show, my friends for the evening invited me to a party in another city but I didn’t want to worry about how I was going to find my way back home so I decided to stay in town and check out a local bar called Sant Sam’s where I made a few more temporary friends. The bar was really nice; there was a dj spinning a mix of Spanish pop/rock & American top 40s music. The entire night was great, but the highlight of my evening came at 3a.m…See, in L.A. once 1:45am rolls around, the bouncers snatch your drink out of your hand & shove you out the door, but here in this great place, not only do they let you take your time exiting the premises, but if you’re not done with your drink, they’ll poor your left-overs in a plastic cup so you can take it to-go! Ahhh, I love España!


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