Bienvenidos! (Welcome!)

Hi All!

Welcome to my blog. Here you’ll get to read about what I get into while I’m here in Barcelona, and anywhere else I may visit over these next few months. I had a bit of a mental debate about whether I should start a blog or not (I won’t lie, it feels a little self-important), but I know that there are a handful of people (mainly my mom) who would like to know what I’m up to while I’m gone, and since I refuse to join social media, here I am blogging. The whole point of this is to keep in contact with all of you guys, so I welcome you to leave comments, questions, concerns, suggestions, etc.

Warning: I apologize in advance for any politically incorrect content that may find its way on my blog. Part of my mental battle was about whether I should censor myself while writing. I’ve decided against it because that wouldn’t be any fun to write and would make for a pretty boring read. I’m looking forward to sharing my experience with you all!



  1. Author
    jakeyla 11 years ago

    DENA! I love reading about your adventures. I see where if could feel douche baggy though. Keep it going. I LOVE YOU!

  2. Author
    Dena B 11 years ago

    DJ Jake! Thanx for reading. I will keep it up.
    Love you to boo!

  3. Author
    jakeyla 11 years ago


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